Melorian Fight.[edit | edit source]

Basic Characters (characters that will effect the movie if they were not there) and Events[edit | edit source]

Melorian Fight

"Life is Gifted, It should not be Wasted" - Zharkha

In the beginning, there was a godly creature. It created the universe,his soldiers,heaven and hell. It usually hangs around with it's creation, the ones who it mostly wants to be with are: Humans, Human hybrids, Dragons. It was later called 'Zharkha' which means 'The Heat' in Bulgarian, mainly named Zharkha because it will comfort his creation even in the cold winters with it's power. It wanted more so he created three different souls to be with. These are: Eye of Eron, named Eye of Eron because it was created when the planet 'Eron' was the planet with the most amount of one eyed creatures. And E.O.E's brother, Wisp of Hope. Named Wisp of Hope because it will teleport and comfort the sorrow of the people including animals. And lastly, Eelsopher, a gray figure with only one eye. Named by the people of Mesopotamia who were one of the first civilization, named Eelsopher because it can still change form even if it looks like a solid, unfoldable thing it can change from solid to an eel like figure so far that it can reach the skies. Zharkha gave jobs to his new friends, Wisp of Hope to help it serve and bless the good. It gave Eye of Eron and Eelsopher jobs to punish the evil. Days turns into weeks, weeks into years and by time, since E.O.E and Eelsopher are punishing the evil minded creation, all of creation in the universe thought they were bad and W.O.H and Zharkha the good guys since they bless the good minded creation. When E.O.E and Eelsopher heard about their thoughts on the soul Gods about who's the bad guys and who's the good guys they were filled with wrath

They decided to quit their job and started creating their own armies. Then, they raided heaven, the angels were not prepared to be raided by anyone that time and almost lost. When Zharkha was almost killed by Eelsopher, the Tower of Justice which fire's a great energy at the wicked, fired at Eelsopher and left a big mark representing an X which prevented him from entering any place (planets, heaven, etc) . The two were quickly ambushed by the rest and were banished. E.O.E now searches for 'Crystal Cores' to feast on for power which destroys the planet, asteroid, star.[crystal cores are the main source of power on the planet which can go through materials and flies around, they almost never go flying out of their place which is the core of the planet, star and asteroid (core crystals are in things that Zharkha created, the creation must be big or it will not have core crystals)) Eelsopher, on the other hand was imprisoned, sleeping for all eternity, chained with the strongest materials in the universe.

One day a fast arriving small asteroid hit Eel's back. It quickly woke up and broke everything chaining him effortlessly. Eelsopher, now no longer able to visit any place other than the black space. But, if someone summons Eelsopher into their mind by saying the spell: V mislih vzemite Eelsopher in naredite vse, kar si želite (I shall have mercy on you, this is Slovenian) then, the creation who read the spell will be sleeping in his/her mind and wouldn't be able to do anything with their body and while that, Eelsopher would always try to gather the materials enough to create a portal it figured by testing out things it found in space. After the portal's finished the body must say the the following poem spell:

Izbriši ušte eden grev od mene,

Otvorete go portalot,

Do mestoto na tebe.

(now you have to detect language, i ain't telling you the language) Then, the portal would trigger and Eelsopher would be able to get in the place, get it's powers back, rip out the X mark so that he can now really get in the planet and do whatever it desires.

Note that Eel can do whatever it wants while in host's body not only find materials and there would be no memory left on the mind of the host because it is Eel who is controlling the body not the host.

This method can be stopped if the host is awakened when someone enters their mind

The only material Eelsopher can't destroy ~properly~ is infinity.

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